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Wouldn’t it be nice if projects came in on time and budget? What if they stayed on course and delivered what they are supposed to?

You’re tired of overpriced, painful projects that take far longer than they should. You’ve implemented structured processes; you’ve even hired outside consultants. But your projects aren’t living up to expectations, your initial enthusiasm has run out, and by the end, you just want it to be over.

Why projects often fail


Poor planning leads to no clearly defined vision or success metrics


Consulting project managers excel at writing reports, but not much else


Budgets aren’t consistently monitored and managed throughout the project


Project managers who are fixed in their ways cannot adjust when problems arise


Improper scheduling and a lack of consistent schedule analysis


Project managers with poor communication styles cannot listen effectively

When projects fail the consequences are high

When projects go off the rails, it can cost a ton of money. Relationships become strained. Time and resources are squandered, and opportunity costs are high. Eventually, senior executives and management end up squashing projects because they couldn’t see their value.

Our way is better. Much better.

Our team brings state-of-the-art project management skills, accredited by leading international institutions. We update our education annually, and always follow best practices. But this technical skills approach will always come second to the soft skills attitude we bring.

What makes us different is our approach to people. We take the time to build relationships and establish trust. Only from there can projects shoulder the tough challenges that will inevitably arise.

Only with a culture of trust and collaboration can a team look toward long-term value.

Putting people first makes successful projects

At Midgard, we know that projects succeed or fail based on the people involved. Technical challenges are always solvable. It’s only when the people aren’t aligned do they go unresolved. With our people-first approach, we take the time to understand:

What this project must provide for the organization and the people within it


Who has a stake in the outcome


Who will be challenging to work with, and how we can ensure they feel heard


How will we ensure communication doesn’t break down

The answers to these questions help us create a strong, healthy vision for the project. Because if you’re going to invest in a project or program, it needs to improve your business.

Achieve your ideal result

When projects are managed properly, you get higher client satisfaction scores, improved employee morale, reduced operation costs, and a host of other benefits. Working with a successful project manager adds long-term value to your organization with both tangible and intangible benefits. Processes are improved, and so is morale on all your future projects.

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